How to Minimise Your Costs

Solicitor fees are usually the main concern for any business or individual, however this needn’t be the case. Looking for a ‘cheap’ solicitor isn’t always cost effective, as a low cost solicitor is likely to provide a low quality service. The key to managing litigation costs is by following best practices and following the advice of a specialist litigation solicitor.

Here are a few simple rules to help you minimise the cost of litigation. Contact a professional, specialist litigation solicitor to find out how strong your case actually is. Don’t go to a high street general solicitor. They do not have the expertise needed and this may result in delays, mistakes and unnecessary costs.
Be honest with your solicitor. Tell them everything from the outset so they can give you the best possible advice. If you drip feed important facts over a long time it will cost you more money as advice given earlier may have to be revised.
Write down what you want to say and ask before you meet with your solicitor – preferably typed up.

Don’t waffle or ramble. In law, time is literally money, so use the time with your solicitor wisely.

Try to be detached and unemotional about the case. This is hard but it will keep your head clear and help you make important decisions promptly, which will in turn save you money.

Gather all the documentation together carefully, photocopy it, categorise it chronologically and create two identical files: one for you and one for your solicitor. Using your solicitor for admin like this is a waste of their time and your money.

Ask for an estimate of the likely cost of bringing your case to court. It is very hard for solicitors to know exactly how much costs are likely to be but they should be able to give you an approximate total budget.

Ask your solicitor about the possibility of a Conditional Fee Agreement CFA and other forms of help that might be available.

Be efficient with your solicitor’s time. Do not ring, email or write about insignificant matters. Be concise and write down the questions you want answering. Very often your solicitor will answer these as your case progresses.

Keep in regular contact with your solicitor and do not be afraid to challenge them about the progress of your case.

If you need help to settle a dispute, please speak to one of our specialist litigation solicitors at Christopher Burgon to discuss how best to win your case.

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