Company Commercial

When you are establishing a new business or implementing a major change to an existing one, it can seem that the “legals” are simply a hindrance. Do you think of Lawyers only talking in jargon and giving you badly fitting standard solutions? Do you think they will present you with long precedent documents, which means you have to do all the work, and won’t give you what you need or want? If so, we are the alternative.

If you talk to us about your business, you will be speaking to a person that will listen to what you need and want and will have the experience and expertise to deliver it.

We know the value of putting matters in order. Prevention is better than cure. The structure of your business, the relationships within it and the relationships with suppliers and clients are all matters that need to be put on a sound and effective footing as soon as possible.

We work with start ups, owner managed businesses and investors.

We specialise in:

  • Websites

    • Privacy Policies
    • Cookie Policies
    • Terms of use.
  • Contracts and Terms and Conditions

  • Investment/Fundraising

  • GDPR and Data compliance

If you would like to speak to a specialist company commercial solicitor to help put your business on firmer foundations, please contact us.