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Christopher Burgon

Specialist Litigation Solicitor with an Edge

Who is Christopher?

I am the founder of Christopher Burgon Solicitors – Litigation Specialists.

After spending many years working in a number of established West-End law firms, I was disillusioned with what I saw.

I have used my experience to develop a more strategic approach that means you are not only given the right advice from a technical, legal standpoint but also given a way to actually achieve what you want from a dispute, whether that is retaining your company, protecting your property, getting your inheritance, receiving compensation for bad advice or any other resolution.

I also ensure that you are in control of your case, being informed about what is happening without having to chase for information and that you understand why a particular action is being carried out or proposed to you.

As a result I have a rate of success for my clients that rivals or surpasses most West-End and City firms, helping clients achieve what they want, some of whom had lost years, and small fortunes, with other advisors.

I am the Principal of Christopher Burgon Solicitors. A firm I set up so that I, along with my colleagues, can provide legal services that achieve the results our clients want.

Elle Berrett

Elle Berrett

Consultant Solicitor
Elle is a Corporate and Commercial solicitor. She is innovative, driven and consistently provides high quality work to our clients.

Elle is a Corporate and Commercial solicitor. She is innovative, driven and consistently provides high quality work to our clients. Elle’s experience includes advising clients on shareholder agreements, share buybacks, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, investment and fundraising, commercial contracts, GDPR and general company law advice.

Elle is noted for her work with founders and entrepreneurs looking to scale. She assists growing businesses from start-up and growth stage phases right through to exit. Her advice includes a range of commercial offerings, particularly on a range of equity investment rounds including seed, venture capital, Series A and beyond.

Elle Advises

  • Founders and entrepreneurs
  • Start-ups, scale ups and high-growth companies
  • SMEs
  • Larger international enterprises

If you have a company or commerical matter you need help with, please contact us.

Ruth-Anne Lynch

Ruth-Anne Lynch

I like to think of myself as the driving force behind our legal team. As a former corporate professional, I have over 20 years of office management and PA experience in the Legal, Banking, Tourism, Retail, Media, IT Arts and Charity industries.

I manage all of the firm’s general day-to-day affairs, office administration and business needs. My role is to help ensure our clients’ needs are met on every level. In this way our specialist litigation team can concentrate on their priorities and focus on winning our clients’ cases without distraction.

I’m also a published travel writer: offering country information and tips based on my travels around the Guianas.

In addition to Christopher Burgon Limited, I provide affordable private PA, lifestyle, office and business support, to small businesses, private individuals and households.

If you have a dispute, which you believe we can help you with, please contact us.

Hannah Jackson

Hannah Jackson

Our busy lives make demands on our time, energy and resources and it is important that we are able to learn how to build resilience and new skills to help us cope and thrive. This is especially the case when unexpected stressful life events occur to challenge us.

Litigation inevitably involves a great deal of psychology and sometimes, emotional distress. I’m a fully qualified solution focused psychotherapist, helping clients deal with the many stressful situations that can arise and all types of emotional distress from depression and anxiety to phobias, OCD and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I also work in the corporate world offering wellbeing and emotional health training and coaching. My experience includes Fire and Rescue Service, The Shaw Trust, Fortis Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, NHS, Ofsted and SC Johnson. I enjoy helping people and feel privileged to be a member of the Chris Burgon team – a firm that offers far more than other solicitors in this area in my experience.

Helping companies and organisations resolve their disputes is fundamentally about dealing with human beings, understanding their behaviour and deciding upon practical courses of action that will help our clients not just win their case but bring closure to a stressful period in their life.

If you have a dispute, which you believe we can help you with, please contact us.

3 Key Ideas

These are the three key values that underpin our service:

A Cause Not A Case

Every client and their wishes is at the centre of our association and I make it a priority to understand you, your wishes and your case. Solicitors can adopt a clinical, perhaps even a cynical attitude toward their clients, which not only makes the experience less pleasant but can also get in the way of the essential communication required between a solicitor and client.

Committed to Results

A high standard of service for my clients is always a priority. Rather than being treated as a reference number, caught between an overworked Junior who regards you as an annoyance and a distant Partner interested only in billing, what you need is a service that is built and designed to deliver the results you want and to feel in control of what is happening with you case

Winning The War

It’s easy to get caught up in the emotion of the problem at hand and fail to see the larger issues. Winning a conflict requires taking a broader perspective, seeing things that others miss and careful planning to ensure that each move is made in order to achieve your goal.

Why Join Us?

We are looking for solicitors, full time or part time who want to be part of a team that focuses on getting results for the clients and making the experience of dispute resolution and litigation as positive as possible.

You will need to be approachable, articulate, understanding and patient. You will need to have the skills and knowledge to run a High Court case worth £1,000,000 from beginning to end, including detailed assessment and enforcement.

You will need to be self-reliant and co-operative, ready to help other members of the team (and to be helped) and to share ideas.

We offer challenging and engaging work, a pleasant, co-operative working environment, remuneration based on achievement and the chance to be part of a new, growing team.

Consultant Litigator

Would you like to concentrate on being a good solicitor and not worry about looking for new clients?

Are you looiking to restart your career after a break or are you already working on a contract basis, looking for additional work?

We are a niche litigation firm, looking for experienced litigation solicitors who are able to deal with cases and most importantly, win them for the firm’s clients.

We will provide you with the software required to run the cases remotely if you wish and a space in an office if that is your preference. We will also provide regular personal contact to ensure you get the support and assistance you need.

We specialise in director/shareholder disputes, professional negligence and contentious probate, along with general litigation matters for business and property owners. Most of our cases are county court matters, with some High Court work.

We are looking for solicitors with at least eight years’ experience in commercial/general litigation who will be able to provide our clients with a high level of personal service and the advice and assistance they need to get excellent results.

Remuneration will be on the basis of a 50% share of fees billed and paid.

  • If you are:

    a solicitor with eight or more years’ post-qualification experience in commercial and/or property litigation.

  • If you want to:

    • work directly with clients
    • run your own cases from beginning to end
    • work in a co-operative environment
    • be a crucial part of a young and ambitions firm.