Contentious Probate

Disputes about an estate often involve a lot of very strong emotions.  A will may be disputed.  Claims can also arise as a result of the way the estate is administered.

The disputes themselves can arise in a number of ways. For example, a will may be disputed because it was not properly executed, or because the mental capacity of the deceased is questioned, or an allegation of undue influence is made.

Claims can also arise as a result of the way an estate is administered. For example, if the beneficiaries are unhappy with the actions or costs of executors or trustees. Alternatively, it may come to light that the will has been negligently drafted.

Whether or not there is a will, a claim might be made against an estate by a surviving family member or someone who was dependent upon the deceased, if they believe the will and/or the law of intestacy does not provide adequate financial provision for them.

At what can often be a very difficult time for all those involved, clear, common sense advice and objective support can help resolve any differences, ensure the proper distribution of an estate and minimise costs.

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