Director and Shareholder Disputes

As a director and/or shareholder of a company, you are part of a team that wants to provide excellent services or products to its customers and create employment and wealth. You are one of the good guys.

But what if one of the team doesn’t have your values, can’t or won’t contribute their fair share or is acting dishonestly? Then you have a problem that will crush the life out of the company and out of you and will ultimately spell disaster.

If you are facing such a challenge, you need advice as to the rights and obligations each of you has within the company and a plan to help you resolve the challenge that will protect your interests and leave you free to continue in business on your own terms.

If you think such help would be useful to you, as a first step please contact us using the “Book a consultation” button on this page. It’s a chance to discuss your concerns with a specialist litigation solicitor and it’s absolutely free or contact us by telephone or email. Our details are HERE.

Question: Are you a director or shareholder of a company that has a dispute in its management or ownership?

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