Director and Shareholder Disputes

In business, the people you are most likely to fall out with are those you rely on the most, your fellow directors and shareholders.

For many businesses, SME’s and larger enterprises, conflict within its management and ownership can have a catastrophic effect.

A boardroom bust up in a company can be further complicated by the people involved being both directors and shareholders. Those involved being in the same family will add even more difficulties.

We have the experience and expertise to help you resolve even the most intractable of disputes, helping you use the law around the duties and obligations of directors, shareholder’s rights and general company law, to achieve the result that is best for you and the business.

Depending on your position in the company and the size of your shareholding, the best remedy for you might be expelling misbehaving directors, compelling uncooperative shareholders to sell back shares or getting the full value for your investment in the company.

Our specialist team will help you by advising which remedy will best achieve the result you want, your prospects of success and the costs. We will work with you to formulate the best strategy to obtain your desired result, whether that is through negotiation, court action or a combination of both.

The advice and assistance we give will be tailored specifically to the position you hold within the company.

Question: Are you a director or shareholder of a company that has a dispute in its management or ownership?

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