Contract Disputes

All business relationships are covered by contracts and agreements. A contract doesn’t have to be in writing. If you can provide evidence of an agreement, you should be able to enforce the terms of that agreement.  A contract is not necessarily frozen in time, if you agree a change to the contract whilst it is being performed, that change will be binding if you can prove it. 

Understanding your position and your options quickly is vital to securing a satisfactory conclusion to a contract dispute. There are a number of different remedies available including:

An order for specific performance, where the court will order the defaulting party to fulfil their side of the contract.

A claim for damages, which can include losses indirectly incurred as a breach of the contract.

Our specialist team will help you by advising you of what remedy will best achieve your wishes, your prospects of success, the best strategy to obtain what you want, whether that is through negotiation, arbitration, mediation or court action and the costs.

Question: Do you have a contract dispute or even what might be the beginnings of one?

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