Professional Negligence Solicitors

When you engage an expert or professional, you expect the advice they give you to be accurate and reliable.

Your business can’t function without the correct information and advice on a number of matters such as HR, contracts, property, banking and accountancy and many more.

Personally, you rely on solicitors, surveyors, builders, IFA’s and others to help you deal with the most important parts of your life, such as buying or building your home, writing a will or administering an estate or investing in a pension.

What is professional negligence?

If you find you have relied on advice from a professional that is inaccurate or simply just wrong, then the consequences can be devastating. Your business could lose massive amounts of money, have to fulfil heavy obligations under a contract or lease or find itself being sued by employees, suppliers or clients. You could find that your home has lost some or all of its value, you could lose a significant inheritance or the value of your pension and investments may now be much lower than it should be.

Dealing with the individual professional or firm that was responsible for the terrible situation you find yourself in can be daunting. Often you will be faced with denials and attempts to protect themselves first.

We will help guide you through what can be the most testing times you have ever faced. We will give you advice as to what you are entitled to recover from the professional, communicate with them on your behalf and make sure they take you seriously and set out a strategy to get what you want and reach a resolution as quickly as possible.

Professional negligence actions are often worth pursuing because many professionals have indemnity insurance that means if you are successful, you will recover the money a court says is owed to you.

Professional negligence pre action protocol

Will you have to take court action? Not always. The Professional Negligence Pre-Action Protocol was introduced in 2001. It is a procedure that was introduced to encourage the parties in professional negligence actions to try and come to an agreement, without the need for court proceedings.

Obtaining clear advice early on from our team will quickly establish your entitlement, the options available to you and the chances of success of any action you want to take.
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