Specialist Litigation Solicitors
in London

Specialist Litigation Solicitors
in London

Each Case Won At A Time

With more than 20 years of pure litigation experience, Christopher Burgon and his team have the expertise and track record often only associated with large City and West End firms. Our successful strategic approach clearly sets us apart.

If you would like to speak to a specialist litigation solicitor, please book a free consultation using the button on this page or contact us via telephone or email. Our contact details are at the top of this page and here.

Do I have a case?

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Answers to two of the most frequently asked questions.

Here’s how you can get in touch:

Christopher Burgon Specialist Litigation - Email Us

1. Call or Email Us

Getting in touch with us is easy. The first step is to simply call or email us. Tell us your story in your own words. If we believe we can help you, we will set a time to have a discussion on the telephone with one of our team of specialist litigation solicitors for about 15 – 20 minutes.

Christopher Burgon Specialist Litigation - Call Us

2. Free Telephone Consultation

During the telephone conversation with one of our specialist litigation solicitors we will work out if we can help you directly. If we can, we will set up a meeting, at our offices again with one of our litigation solicitors.

If we can’t help, where appropriate, we will try to refer you to someone who is better able to solve your problem for you.

3. Come and Meet Us

A meeting with one of our litigation solicitors is an invaluable opportunity to resolve your dispute, or at the least take the first step towards doing so. The meeting will be free of charge, without obligation and last up to an hour.

During that time, we will help you identify the core issues of the dispute and consider them objectively. We will give you information about the court system, procedure and other methods of settling disputes. We will give you an initial assessment of settlement options, possible strategies and costs.

It may be that after this meeting you are able to go away and resolve the dispute yourself. If you wish us to help you, we will be glad to do so and will ask you to formally instruct us. It’s easy to talk to us.

“Christopher Burgon Solicitors are remarkably approachable and make a point of putting facts across in plain English, explaining everything in clear, concise terms you can understand.”

There’s No Substitute for Our Experience

When the stakes are high, you need the best possible advice from the outset. At Christopher Burgon Litigation Specialists, we believe experience is everything because the course of a dispute rarely runs smoothly. Our team knows that being able to adapt swiftly to respond to changing circumstances can make all the difference to winning your case.

Proven Track Record

Business Disputes

What to do when you fall out with the people you are in business with…

Property Disputes

How to understand the issues you face in a property dispute…

Personal Disputes

Which approach should you adopt to get the best result?

“I would highly recommend Christopher Burgon Solicitors to anyone involved in litigation.”