About Us

Christopher Burgon Litigation Specialists
is a law firm in the City of London

As the name suggests we specialise in providing litigation and dispute resolution services. Our clients are business owners, investors and property owners.

Litigation is defined as the process of fighting or defending a case in a civil court of law (Collins English dictionary).

We aim to redefine how our clients view litigation and dispute resolution. At present litigation is seen at best as an unavoidable evil or at worst a waste of time and money. How many times have you heard the phrase, “the only ones that did well out of it were the lawyers”?

We view dispute resolution and litigation as a positive means to resolving life’s disputes and conflicts to the advantage of our clients.

We want our clients to consider our services as a worthwhile and valuable resource that allows them to carry on running their business and to live their lives how they want. Our help and advice assists our clients in dealing with interruptions such as dealing with dishonest and incompetent business partners, advisors, contractors and even family members, in a way that provides real value to them, whilst incurring the least amount of inconvenience and distress.

How We Work

Each client is assigned a qualified litigation solicitor as their main contact, but we work as a team, helping each other provide the best possible service to our clients.

Each client and case is different and so each team built around a case will be suited to that individual matter. As each case demands, we will use barristers to present the case in court and where required provide specific legal advice. We will use, if required, forensic accountants, surveyors and other expert witnesses – all overseen by our specialist litigation solicitors.

We have an “open door” policy to speaking to our clients. We encourage clients to speak to us as often as they want to, so that worries and concerns can either be dispelled or acted on.

So please, watch our video below and then contact a member of our team.