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Specialist Litigation Solicitor Service

I was disappointed with the service that I was receiving from another firm of solicitors. I went to Christopher and my experience was entirely different. He was able to take on my case quickly, review my papers and give me legally robust and commercially pragmatic advice. I am extremely grateful to Christopher and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their legal affairs.

I would like to sincerely thank you for supporting me for the last 3 years and for the amazing outcome of the litigation.

Litigation is like a minefield, full of all sorts of obstacles. It is also a highly emotional process.

To go through the litigation successfully you need an experienced team of people who have done this before and won!

Christopher Burgon and his firm are one such team! He is like Liam Neeson in Taken! He has a very particular set of skills that allow him to ‘Do it to them before they do it to you’!

He is the guide, explaining the process in detail and getting your expectations right. He also ensures you stay the course and focus on what is important.

He is the strategist, always thinking two steps ahead and very agile in changing circumstances.

He is the fighter, who is not afraid to tell the other side with complete conviction and determination that we will win our case and that they have no chance! And he is persuasive!

It is rewarding to see how he wipes the arrogant smiles off the faces of the other side.

He has a unique ability to see through the bullshit; the distractions, the threats, the aggression and even foul play, and focus on what’s vital.

He is the negotiator, experienced in responding to tactical ploys and provocation and avoiding traps. Above all focusing on the merits of the case!

But most importantly he is a very decent human being, who sympathises with you and is there to help you at each stage of the process. He also understands your emotional, economic and commercial situation and adjusts his approach accordingly.

He also has a great team around him, including Agnese, Gabriel, Hannah and others.

I wouldn’t wish it upon to anyone to have to go through litigation, but if you have no other alternative, then choosing the right litigation specialist is critical and that is Christopher Burgon and his firm.

I would say without reservation that Christopher Burgon knows what he is doing, whilst the West End and City lawyers I’ve used previously gave the impression of simply being invoice machines.

Christopher Burgon has an uncanny knack of unravelling a complicated case and explaining it in simple, manageable terms that even I can understand. This is invaluable to both larger corporates and smaller business owners like me who are time poor and need more than just a high street solicitor. I think he secretly shares his clients’ frustration with the pace at which the legal process moves and goes out of his way to drive his cases forward. He is not afraid to change his mind and indeed to be persuaded by cogent argument from either his clients or others, which is refreshing. Above all he is realistic; you know exactly where you stand with Christopher, your options and the likelihood of winning your case.

Christopher manages expectations well and you can’t help feeling that you have a professional but also an absolutely ruthless ally of real ability on your side, which frankly is exactly what you need when you engage in litigation. I have already recommended Christopher to a number of people and they have been equally impressed with him. My professional advice is use him. You won’t be disappointed!

After many years in dispute with my opponent the solicitors I first instructed had left me with financial burdens and legal problems which seemed insurmountable.

Adjudication and Mediation attempts having failed, I was facing the loss of my home and financial ruin, I appointed Christopher Burgon to represent me and he has been successful in obtaining damages arising from previous lost cases, protecting my home and winning a bitter boundary dispute.

Christopher Burgon is an uncompromising and dedicated Solicitor with high aspirations. These are essential qualities for resolving litigation issues. I would highly recommend him to anyone involved in litigation and wish I had employed him in the first instance.

Christopher goes out of his way to understand your particular case. He gets to the core of the problem and the issues surrounding it quickly. He is particularly adept at reducing emotional distress so clients can see their options more clearly and arrive at the best course of action. Christopher is remarkably approachable and makes a point of putting facts across in plain English. He likes to explain everything in clear, concise terms you can understand. He won’t pull any punches but he is also thoughtful and considerate to his clients – not something litigators are generally known for.