It’s Easy to Talk to Us

You may be concerned about speaking to solicitors. But, speaking to us is easy, simple and free. We understand why you might be concerned, particularly considering the work that we do, which is solving people’s disputes and court cases. There may be a number of reasons for this. One reason may be an element of denial, of not wanting to deal with the problem. This is something that we can really help you with. Here is a video on that subject.

Other reasons may be that you are concerned that speaking to a solicitor will cost a lot of money and will bind you to some kind of commitment you can’t escape from. Let us reassure you now that this not the case with us. There are three steps to speaking to us that are all without charge and without obligation.

The first step is to simply call or email us. Tell us your story in your own words. If we believe we can help you when we receive your call or email, we will set a time to have a discussion on the telephone with you. That call will be with one of our team of specialist litigation solicitors and will last for around 15 to 20 minutes.

In a telephone conversation with one of our specialist litigation solicitors we will work out if we can help you directly. If we can, we will set up a meeting, again with a litigation solicitor, at our offices. If we can’t help, where appropriate we will try to refer you to someone who is better able to solve your problem for you.

A meeting with one of our litigation solicitors is an invaluable opportunity to resolve your dispute, or at the least take the first step towards doing so. The meeting will be for up to an hour. During that time, we will help you identify the core issues of the dispute and to consider them objectively. We will give you information about the court system and procedure and other methods of settling disputes/. We will give you an initial assessment of settlement options, possible strategies and costs.

It may be that after this meeting you are able to go away and resolve the dispute yourself. If you wish us to help you, we will be glad to do so and will ask you to formally instruct us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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