Contract Disputes

Nearly all business relationships are governed by a contract, irrespective of the type of goods or services involved; from financial advice to purchasing heavy and plant machinery.

A contract doesn’t have to be in writing. If you can provide evidence of an agreement, you should be able to enforce the terms of that agreement.

If someone is unable or refuses to provide the goods or services they have agreed to supply, or refuses to pay, or provides goods or services to an unacceptable standard, they may be in breach of their contractual obligations.

Understanding your position and your options quickly is vital to securing a satisfactory conclusion to a contract dispute. There are a number of different remedies available including:

  • An order for specific performance, where the court will order the defaulting party to fulfill their side of the contract.
  • A claim for damages, which can include losses indirectly incurred as a breach of the contract.

Once again, gaining expert advice early on can prove invaluable, particularly if a negotiated settlement can be secured early on in a dispute. If court action is unavoidable, such advice can help you secure the advantage you need. Either way, acting sooner rather than later can mean the difference between winning and losing your case.

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