Director and Shareholder Disputes

In business, the people you are most likely to fall out with are the people you are in business with.

For most SME’s and nearly all larger enterprises a boardroom bust up will involve the rights and obligations of directors and shareholders within a limited company. A situation often complicated by the people involved being both directors and shareholders.

Conflict within the management and/or ownership of a business can have a catastrophic effect and should be dealt with as a priority within the business.

The law provides many useful remedies to resolve seemingly insoluble conflicts within a company. Getting the right advice at an early stage can mean the differnce betweem the company thriving or going into insolvency.

The advice and assistance we give will be tailored specifically to the make up of the compnay and the  position you hold within it.

Question: Are you a director or shareholder of a company that has a dispute in its management or ownership?

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