Search Orders, Freezing Orders, Injunctions

An Injunction is arguably the most powerful tool available to you through the court. However, swift and cogent advice from an experienced professional, such as Christopher Burgon is imperative in this complex and often subtle area of the law. Important questions need to be answered.

First and foremost, is an injunction the right approach for your needs in the current circumstances?

Second, does an injunction now limit your options in the future?

Third, is your application likely to succeed?

Once you have received sound professional advice and can answer these questions a course of action can be firmly decided upon. Rapid legal action should then be taken to protect your interests fully and pursue your claim to its conclusion.

Injunctions are usually bespoke in nature and therefore need to be tailored to suit each specific case and its own individual circumstances. However, some types of injunctions are more common than others, such as:

  • A Search Order, which requires someone to admit your representatives under supervision to enter their premises and search for and where necessary seize evidence.
  • A Freezing Order, which prevents someone from dealing with, hiding or moving their assets in order to put them beyond your reach, should you obtain judgment against them.

Question: Do you think an injunction might help you?
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