Property Disputes

There are numerous causes of property disputes, which explains why there are so many reasons you might need legal advice about your property. What is important to remember is to get the best possible professional advice from the outset of a potential problem.

You may have a dispute with a builder (Contract Disputes) or have acted upon bad advice from a solicitor or surveyor (Professional Negligence). You may have a residential landlord or tenant dispute (Landlord & Tenant Matters – Residential). Alternatively, you may have a Commercial Landlord or Tenant Dispute. Christopher Burgon is highly experienced in all these areas and in dealing with other disputes affecting property including:

  • Boundary and land disputes,
  • Party Wall Act matters,
  • Rights of a neighbouring property over your land,
  • Your right to connect to services,
  • Your right to protect the light to your home

Whatever the cause of the dispute the sooner you act, the sooner the matter is resolved.

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