Partnership Disputes, Shareholder Disputes

There are a variety of different business structures recognised under English Law, each with its own regulations and remedies. You may be a director of a limited company, a shareholder or both, or a partner in a partnership or LLP.

Conflict within the management and/or ownership of a business can have a catastrophic effect on its’ profitability. It is costly, time consuming and disruptive, potentially threatening the very existence of a business. So it is extremely important to get sound legal advice early on in a dispute.

Many business people do not realise that the law provides a great many useful remedies, through court actions such as a S994, minority shareholder petition, to resolve seemingly insoluble business conflicts. For example, compelling unco-operative shareholders to buy or sell shares at an independently established price . Or allowing a dysfunctional business to dissolve, with its’ assets distributed fairly, to allow like-minded directors, partners and/or shareholders to re-start the business on their own terms.

Costly court actions can often be avoided by negotiation between the parties, preferably via a specialist litigator, such as Christopher Burgon. He has widespread experience of these matters and understands both the opportunities and pitfalls likely to be encountered on the way to reaching a satisfactory resolution.

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