Landlord & Tenant Matters – Commercial

Christopher Burgon understands how best to protect the interests of commercial landlords. He will ensure you receive accurate and commercially sound legal advice to help you maximise the value of your properties. For example:

  • By ensuring that tenants fulfill their obligations; paying rent, service charges and other obligations on time, and returning the property to the landlord in an appropriate condition in accordance with the tenancy agreement.
  • Renegotiating rental terms and conditions for leases covered by Part II of the 1954 Act.
  • Regaining possession of properties efficiently where appropriate.

Equally, Christopher Burgon appreciates that for tenants, renting premises can be one of the largest costs of a business. He can help you get the best value for money from your rented business premises by ensuring:

  • Your service charges are kept to a reasonable level.
  • You receive all the services you are entitled to under your tenancy agreement.
  • Your premises are well maintained by the landlord.
  • You are allowed to run your business with the minimum of interference.

Question: Are you a commercial landlord or someone renting business premises?

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