Specialist Litigation Solicitor with an Edge

The Cost Of The Wrong Solicitor

Too many solicitors, when dealing with a dispute, fail to look at the bigger picture and fail to put your wishes at the centre of what they do.

They get drawn into tit for tat exchanges with the other side, which cause more problems than they resolve and increase costs over and over again, with no positive progress to show for the money you are paying. Sometimes it seems that the only ones that win in the process are the lawyers.

If you’ve ever been involved in this process you know just how frustrating this can be. You find yourself deep into a dispute with no end in sight and with your solicitor, who is supposed to be looking after your interests, becoming more and more concerned with having his bills pad. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Who is Christopher?

I am a specialist litigation solicitor.


After spending many years working in a number of established West-End law firms, I was disillusioned with what I saw.
I have used my experience to develop a more strategic approach that means you are not only given the right advice from a technical, legal standpoint but also given a way to actually achieve what you want from a dispute, whether that is retaining your company, protecting your property, getting your inheritance, receiving compensation for bad advice or any other resolution.



I also ensure that you are in control of your case, being informed about what is happening without having to chase for information and that you understand why a particular action is being carried out or proposed to you.


As a result I have a rate of success for my clients that rivals or surpasses most West-End and City firms, helping clients achieve what they want, some of whom had lost years, and small fortunes, with other advisors.


I am the Principal of Christopher Burgon Associates. A firm I have set up so that I, along with my colleagues, can provide legal services that achieve the results our clients want.

3 Key Ideas

These are the three key values that underpin my service:

A Cause Not A Case

Every client and their wishes is at the centre of our association and I make it a priority to understand you, your wishes and your case. Solicitors can adopt a clinical, perhaps even a cynical attitude toward their clients, which not only makes the experience less pleasant but can also get in the way of the essential communication required between a solicitor and client.

Committed For Results

A high standard of service for my clients is always a priority. Rather than being treated as a reference number, caught between an overworked Junior who regards you as an annoyance and a distant Partner interested only in billing, what you need is a service that is built and designed to deliver the results you want and to feel in control of what is happening with you case

Winning The War

It’s easy to get caught up in the emotion of the problem at hand and fail to see the larger issues. Winning a conflict requires taking a broader perspective, seeing things that others miss and careful planning to ensure that each move is made in order to achieve your goal.

My Clients
John Mather

Over the years I have helped many business people and professionals who have been let down by trusted advisors, mistreated by neighbours or builders, denied their inheritance, lost their savings, or are on the brink of losing their business.

Often they have come to me as their last resort, after being let down by other legal teams. As one client puts it:

“I would say without reservation that Christopher Burgon knows what he is doing, whilst the West End and City lawyers I’ve used previously gave the impression of simply being invoice machines.”

John Mather, Property Developer

My Services

My experience covers the full range of issues relating to litigation, but my focus is typically on either commercial or property issues. Here’s a sample of some of my services: