Shareholder Disputes

In business, the people you are most likely to fall out with are the people you are in business with.

For most SME’s and nearly all larger enterprises a boardroom bust up will involve the rights and obligations of directors and shareholders within a limited company. A situation often complicated by the people involved being both directors and shareholders.

Conflict within the management and/or ownership of a business can have a catastrophic effect and the law provides a great many useful remedies, to resolve seemingly insoluble conflicts within a company:

For example, compelling uncooperative shareholders to buy or sell shares at an independently established price. Or allowing a dysfunctional company to dissolve, with its assets distributed fairly, to allow like-minded directors and/or shareholders to re-start the business on their own terms.

Our specialist team will help you by advising you of what remedy will best achieve your wishes, your prospects of success, the cost and we will agree with you the best strategy to obtain what you want, whether that is through negotiation, court action or a combination of both.

Question: Do you have a shareholder dispute or even what might be the beginnings of one?

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